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The Church of the Good Shepherd in Durban North changed its name to Anthem in January 2017. The church was birthed as a community in 1901 and has a rich heritage. The current facility was built in the 1970s around the same time as when it broke away from the Presbyterian denomination into autonomy. The church is still pioneering today, wanting to be a blessing to the city of Durban and beyond.

In 2014, there were significant prophetic words spoken over the community, specifically with regard to worship music and particularly one spoken by a recognized prophetic voice…

“There is a particular anointing coming upon your worship. God says you are to invest time and money into sound and production around worship because something of worship is going to crack open in your church in a new way. There are going to be songwriters and creative types that are going to flow from there that is going to begin to lift the lid of worship, and the Lord says there’s going to be a sound that’s going to capture Africa, a sound that’s going to capture the uniqueness of Durban, even as God raised up a group called Friends First in apartheid days to be a prophetic sound for this nation, even so, God says there is something of the redemptive history in your church that is going to reclaim a sound sending justice and mercy.  You need to know that your worship will carry an element that will release decrees around justice and mercy.”

This word was a confirmation of what we were already feeling as a community. The worship teams had already contributed toward buying Logic Pro recording software. But faith for a greater vision started to rise in what would result in our very own recording studio called Echoes Studio on the church property. The vision of the studio is summarized in the question,

“Where does your voice reverberate through the hallways of society?”

This is where the name Echoes comes from, speaking of the purpose of projecting the voices of Christian creatives to be an influence in society, giving those who have something good to say, the means to be heard. We have had multiple different artists/ worship groups/ choirs through the studio since its opening in February 2016.

We released 3 singles under the title Echoes Music, but after changing the church’s name to Anthem we decided to call ourselves Anthem Worship.

Anthem Worship, therefore, represents Anthem church. We worked in Echoes studio throughout 2018 to produce our debut album entitled Redemption Begins. We recognize that people connect with stories, especially stories that inspire hope, stories of redemption. We also recognize that every story has an origin, we as the church know that origin is the gospel of Christ. The album title, Redemption Begins, comes from the statement,

“The cross of Christ, where every redemptive story begins”.

The Anthem Worship team writing and producing is Paul Edy, an elder of Anthem Church, who has spearheaded the Echoes Studio vision, led worship in multiple contexts, played in bands and been involved in music production both inside and outside of church circles for many years. Then there is Darren Oosthuizen, who has been employed by Echoes Studio, as a producer. Darren spent 3 years at Hillsong college in Australia and is becoming recognized as a stand out producer in this nation. His contribution to this album cannot be overstated. And Nicole Cilliers, who serves on the Anthem ministry team with her husband, oversees the worship ministry at Anthem and is an extremely gifted songwriter and vocalist. Nicole is without a doubt one of those artists for whom the Echoes studio vision exists.

One of the things we have realized as we endeavour to create music that is current in the world today is that being an old church does not disqualify us from pioneering new sounds in the church, on the contrary, it is what qualifies us. Because a church that has lasted since 1901, could not have done so without a pioneering spirit at its core. We have realized and have felt liberated to push the boundaries with regard to our creativity, not in spite of our history, but in honour of our former pioneers.

The album, Redemption Begins, was released on all online music platforms on 07 December 2018. We hope you enjoy it.

Redemption Begins | Debut Album