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Ephesians 4:15 “We will speak the truth in love, growing in every way more and more like Christ, who is the head of His body, the church.”

The number one way Christ modelled for us to grow is through discipleship. Being a disciple means devoting ourselves to follow the ways and teachings of one who we wish to become more like. Although all of us are only human, there is something of Christ in each of us, and as we spend time together we can grow in mutual Christlikeness. The apostle, Paul, encouraged fellow Christians to ‘follow me as I follow Christ.’ Discipleship is done very naturally here at Anthem as we spend time with one another, but if you would like some help in fitting into a Life Group or being introduced to a life coach, contact the Anthem office and we’ll see how we can hook you up.

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From time to time we need specific teaching in specific areas in order to keep growing in our character and/or abilities. We have courses for enriching marriages; courses for parents; courses for new believers wanting to understand the foundational teachings of our faith. We also make an effort to get together and up-skill ourselves to better serve God with our talents. If you would like to know when a specific course is being held, or would like to request that a course be held on a topic that you would like help in, please contact the office with your details and we’ll keep in touch to see how we can best help you to grow.

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Here at Anthem we believe in team, and we believe in playing people to their strengths. Thanks to God’s gracious gifting of this church, we have a number of beautiful people to whom God has given a gift of pastoring for our sake. These people are able to support you and help you through any number of life situations. This team would love to visit you if you are sick, help in situations of crisis, and counsel you or your loved ones where necessary. Their end goal will be your freedom. If you need assistance, or you know someone who does, please let us know.

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as we love and serve each other and the world in which we live in the hope of bringing reconciliation of people to God, through Jesus.

Generosity is a value of the Kingdom, and therefore a value of ours. We call people to partner with us as we steward our financial resources to transform people, our city, our nation and the nations of the earth.


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