Through New Eyes: A Redeemed Worldview

Notes: Sexual Ethics. Sunday, 18 April 2021


Redeemed: to have something ‘bought back’.

1 Peter 1:18: We have been freed from the empty way of life handed down by our forefathers.

Morals: what we believe to be right.

Ethics: how our morals cause us to treat other people.

We over-emphasize morals and under-emphasize our ethics.

The church has largely had only a list of do’s and don’ts regarding sexuality, whilst the world’s narrative is rooted in individualism and humanism.

Because the people who we considered to be ‘traditionally spiritual’ don’t talk enough about sexuality, we have been sexually disciplined by the world.

If reasonable men and women don’t speak up honestly, unreasonable people take over the narrative. – TD Jakes

To have reasonable, biblical conversations we have to lower our voices.

Jesus in his very nature absolute truth and perfect love.  It is impossible for him to be one and compromise the other.  It would be to deny an aspect of his character.

You have no right preaching to people who you haven’t prayed for – AW Tozer

Only once I realize that we are all broken, can I help people to not find their identity in their brokenness.

The church has to be a safe place for this to happen.

Explanations don’t comfort, what people need is presence.

How you were created is far, far more important than how you were born.

Being true to ourselves doesn’t make us people of integrity.  Charles Manson was true to himself and as a result, is rightly spending the rest of his life in prison.  Ultimately being true to our creator gives us the purest form of integrity – John Wooden

  1. Always preach surrender before sanctification.

John 8:11 – I don’t condemn you either….now go and sin no more


  1. Put the rulebook away, and embrace order

Don’t approach the sexual narrative with a problem-solving mentality.

The greatest temptation that the spiritually mature face is the desire to be seen as spiritually mature – Evagrius Ponticus.

Sexuality must be presented through the lens of the gospel and God’s grace, not through the law.  All of us are broken and all of us struggle, some brokenness and struggle is just different to others.


  1. Engage long-form communication

We have to lower our voices.  What is needed is slow, kind, thoughtful, in-depth, nuanced conversation and debate.


4.The key to the whole issue: humility.

Humility towards God keeps me grounded in truth. Humility towards others keeps me grounded in love.