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About the Echoes Colab

Echoes studio has a vision to see artists use their talents to make a difference in the world. The Echoes Colab was an idea to use our relational network to bring the very best songwriters and musicians, that we had connection with, together for a project.

We wanted to do something that would have a significant impact. The beauty of collaboration is that it fuses diverse flavours together to create something unique and unpredictable. It would also represent and connect with a wider audience and be able to harness the fan bases of each of the artists involved. The main purpose of the project was to produce music that would bring about hope and unity. Collaboration represents exactly that, a group of people working together to create something beautiful.

Part of the brief was that the song would be timeless, that it wouldn’t be considered good today and gone tomorrow. That’s a big ask, but with the calibre of songwriters, musicians and the producer, Micah Tawlks in the room, it was possible.

The recording process was incredible. To have all of these respected musicians in the studio together, to see old friends reunited, and new friendships formed, was really special. The atmosphere in the studio throughout the week was one of complete honour and harmony. It was like a community was being birthed before our eyes. The level of musicianship and of appreciation for one another’s talent created the most inspiring environment. It was a week in studio that will undoubtedly leave its mark on the lives of everyone involved.

Artists Involved

Vocals – Steve Mackellar/ Nosihe Zulu/ Sam Burger/ Brad Klynsmith/ Daena Dooley/ Josh Wantie/ Majozi

Drums – Jude Kenrick

Bass – Steve Mackellar

Guitar – John Ellis

Keys – Micah Tawlks

Sound engineer – Brendyn Rossouw